Getting Organized and Marketing

Create Bookmark Folder in Your Browser for all links related to Zmartbit.

  1. Click 3 dots in top right corner next to profile picture
  2. Click Bookmarks and then Show Bookmarks Bar
  3. Right click mouse in your Bookmarks Bar and select add folder.
  4. Box will pop up with New Folder
  5. Name Folder Zmartbit and Save.
  6. When you open any page related to Zmartbit save it to the folder by clicking on the Blue Star in Browser Address Bar.
  7. You can edit the name of page to what you want before saving
  8. You can add a folder within a folder by right clicking on mouse and select add folder.
  9. Follow previous steps to set up sub folder.
  10. 10. Do the same in your email account. Create folders to keep emails that contain information you may need to refer to in a Zmartbit Folder.

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Email Address for business

Highly recommend for doing online business.
Traffic Exchanges: Create two accounts, one for mail and one for list. I suggest that you include the words “mail” and “list” in the account names, to make it easy for you to know which is which – for instance, your accounts can be “yournamemail” and “yournamelist.”

 Why Gmail?
First, Gmail is not blocking incoming emails like Yahoo or Hotmail not to talk about AOL. Never use AOL for business and marketing.
Second, it is less likely to filter out the emails that you want, than other email programs (although is does sometimes throw things into the “spam” folder, so if you are waiting for a confirmation email for something and it doesn’t come, it is always a good idea to check there.) Third, because it is permanent. You may have an email address through your ISP – but if you move house our change ISP, you will lose it, which means updating all your programs (and in some cases, if you don’t have the email you signed up with, this is impossible to do.)


Ask yourself three important questions (and be realistic about your answers):

2. How much money can you afford to invest into the business each month BEFORE you start getting a return
 A. Program Fee
B.  Marketing Tools…a must
Monthly: Autoresponder/Capture Pages
         One Time Fee: Sales Pages
C. Monthly Advertising Budget…a must

 2. How much time can you spare each day to put into your business?

Minimum: 1 Hour a day

Recommended: 2 – 3 Hours a day

3. How long are you prepared to work on the business before breaking even

 Allow yourself at least six months actively working your business. You need to commit to “sticking with it.” to be successful you must keep doing the thing you set out to do in the first place.
If you were setting up a business plan for an offline business, you would include a section on marketing, and you need to take your online business just as serious and make plans and decide now…Is it a Business or a Hobby?



Autoresponder and Lead Capture Pages.

Lead Capture Pages – lead Capture pages have form to capture your prospects information so you can continue to follow up and send your opportunity information.

Autoresponders allow you to set up a sequence of messages that will drip on your prospects daily or as often as you choose to set it for.

You can get these affordable tools from AIOP for $11.50 a month.
Unlimited autoresponders and splash pages.


iDuplee – you can create simple capture pages and collect prospects information but no automated follow up. You will need to log into your account to look for leads and follow up by calling or sending email from your personal email. This is a great option without spending extra money and gives you a way to build your list.

Do not advertise giving any link that does not have a capture form.

The pages I do for you are great for your warm market or to send to any leads you already have contact information for.

Always, Always use a capture page when doing online advertising.

Remember it takes on average 7 to 9 exposures for someone to make a decision. If you send out links without a capture form when advertising, you are wasting time and money.


How to Use  iDuplee



It is worth having your own domain, more than you can imagine.

You could use your own name, or you could use a made-up name. The beauty of doing this is that, when you set up your subdomains, you can name them exactly what you want, and not worry that you will not be able to secure a name that relates to your chosen niche. For instance, if your domain name is “” and you decide you want to promote Forex products you would simply name your subdomain “” and reap the SEO benefits. You can simply forward any pages you create to your Domain and Sub-Domains.


Headline tools

This is an important tool to use, because you need good headlines for your advertising emails and autoresponder letters. Good headlines will attract visitors to your website, will make people click on your emails, and finally a good headline is a way for sales conversion.

Title-generator, although is full of ads, it generates headlines that may help if you lack ideas:

Headline Analyzer – So you have a headline, either you came up with it or you used a headline generator. It is good to test your headline and get a score for it. If needs improved, you should improve it. A Headline Analyzer: