Marketing And Advertising Tips And Resources
To Help You Grow Your Business

Many of these resources will have an affiliate program so please ask your sponsors if they have memberships at any of the programs you want to try before joining with my link.


One of the most common things I hear from people that want to do anything online is that they don’t
know or have anyone that wants to join them. Well there is one common  reality with anything you do whether it is open a traditional business or join an online opportunity, you need traffic to your business.
If you have a business or opportunity and no one knows about it, you are not going to be successful.
Please read the Advertising Tips by Herculist at the bottom of this page. Then join some of these advertising resources and be consistent on placing your ads daily. Most have a free membership but do have
upgrade options. Do all the Free advertising as you want but
please set a budget that you can afford
each month and do some paid advertising as well. You must invest time and money in any business
if you expect to be successful.

Do 3 way calls with your upline. Your friends and family
will most likely listen to someone else tell them the key features
and benefits of the program and how it can help them.


Business Cards 
Vista Print.

Always be preparred to share your business by keeping business cards with you all the time and give to everyone you meet.
Leave with your tip at 
restaurants. Stick in car windows when you are out shopping.

You Need Marketing Tools When Advertising Online

At Minimum you need a Capture Page with contact form to capture leads information and an Autoresponder or Contact Management System and a great sales page to send to them when they optin for information. When you capture your visitors info you can continue to drip information on them. Most people do not make a decision to join the first time they see an opportunity so never market with your referral link. Your most valuable asset is your list and if you are not builing a list, you do not have a Business, you have a Hobby.

 All In One Profits (AIOP) is great option for build yourself capture pages with autoresponders. They have great training and instructional videos to walk you through the system. You have unlimited capture pages and autoresponders. Basic membership gives you all you need. You can choose to pay 1 mo ($11.50) or 3 mo. ($34.50) You manually renew so is more efficient to pay 3 mo at a time if possible. This is a very affordable option so don’t waste your time throwing your referral link out on the net.

If AIOP is not an option for you be sure to take advantage of your iDuplee Marketing System with Zmartbit and set up your Capture pages. iDuplee will collect your leads information but you will need to personally follow up with phone calls or emails from your personal email. There is no automated messaging with iDuplee.

Once you have a funnel system set up then join as many advertising platforms that you can. The key to success on any of these platforms is that you post consistently daily or as often as permitted. Most are free to join with advertising packages that can be purchased. This is where your advertising budget is important. Set a budget that you can afford to spend weekly or monthly and commit to it for 6 months.



It is worth having your own domain, more than you can imagine.

Now if you do not have yet a domain, head on over to GoDaddy or Namecheap, to get a domain name. You will first need to set up an account with any of them at your choice.

HINT 1: Always go for a .com domain, not .co, .net, .org or any of the zillion other possibilities that are around now. People automatically type .com, and if you have one of the others and someone else has or gets the .com, there is a good chance they will end up with at least part of your traffic.

 HINT 2: You are going to use your site for two things: – to promote your Zmartbit business – or promote products in the Zmartcenter. We will do this by creating two separate sub-domains on your site. Therefore, your domain name needs to be something generic. You could use your own name, or you could use a made-up name. The beauty of doing this is that, when you set up your subdomains, you can name them exactly what you want, and not worry that you will not be able to secure a name that relates to your chosen niche. For instance, if your domain name is “” and you decide you want to promote Forex products you would simply name your subdomain “” and reap the SEO benefits. You can simply forward any pages you want to your Domain and Sub-Domains.


YouTube is Free and a great way to start building your recognition and branding so be sure to set up your YouTube Channel.
 There are many videos with instructions on how to do this, just do a search until you find the one that offers the best instruction for you. Once your all set up be sure to  upload videos regularly. Always give you Capture page link in the description. I always include my phone number.

MLM Gateway

Get free MLM leads and discover new opportunities with MLM Gateway. Obtaining genealogy MLM leads is essential for the success of business activities in network marketing. This site allows you to contact highly qualified prospects with network marketing experience, discover new business opportunities and expand your sales team.
If you have no experience with network marketing and are looking for work from home business opportunities, MLM Gateway offers the opportunity to reach known entrepreneurs with proven success in MLM business.
Our system allows members to share their business opportunities with one another, promote their website to our visitors, publish business announcements and run free banner advertising campaigns. By contacting new MLM prospects every day, member network marketing teams grow very quickly. Join for Free and there is a Premium membership for $24.95 mo. if you decide you want more benefits.


MLFF is 100% free to join and use. There’s no cost, no fees, no purchase required…Once your account is created you can start using the site…and let me add that it’s very simple to do this. To advertise your link to 5000 leads daily for free, you only need to click on 10 Ads each day. This can take you from a few seconds to a minute or two… Depending on how much time you stay on to read the message.

Tt does give you the option to buy advertising. Once you are logged into your account you can go to the Advertise section…And you can purchase subscribers, direct website links, bonus leads and/or solo ads. When you purchase advertising you don’t have to click ads but you can do both to get more leads to advertise to.
Click the banner to join MLFF

MLM Recruit On Demand is a Lead and Training program designed to help Network Marketer’s build their business. Our basic training program is P1 ($15 one-time fee) – Using all the training, leads and tools that you get as a P1 member, you will have the ability to earn unlimited leads for life without any additional fees, we refer to this as our Free Approach. Some Examples of FREE Approach Activities are calling the leads we give you, sending emails, posting ads online….
Please Note:
– The $15 is a one time payment (No Monthly Fees)
– Yes you do get Unlimited Leads for the one time $15
Herculist is a very good advertising resource. I have had great success building my list here and recruiting the leads into my business. Here you will need 2 emails, one for Mail and one for List. 
Click Banner to join Herculist
Leads, Leads, Leads!

Instant Success Leads
Buying leads can be risky and expensive and you need to be committed to following up consistently when working leads. Many industry leaders have built their teams with leads so it is a great way to build your team. This is a very reputable lead source I can highly recommend without hesitation knowing this company does provide a great lead service…




A unique advertising resource that comes highly recommended. A very popular site where people are searching for business opportunities and you can post your opportunity. See current posted businesses and click on Advertise on top left of page to see advertising rates.

Join Shop A Biz Op Here

Off Line Advertising

Direct Mail Link

I have not used yet, but LMP Associates comes highly recommended.

Join LMP Associates Here


Affordable Postcards 
Use referral email:
Visit Flyer Lab Here

Sample PostCard for Zmartbit – 2 Designs
You can copy and add your personal information to the cards.



Design # 2



Try DropCards
Realistic DropCard Order Here


Other Recommended Traffic Exchanges

See advertising tips below.


Other Recommended Tools

Headline tools

This is an important tool to use, because you need good headlines for your advertising emails and autoresponder letters. Good headlines will attract visitors to your website, will make people click on your emails, and finally a good headline is a way for sales conversion.

Title-generator, although is full of ads, it generates headlines that may help if you lack ideas:

Headline Analyzer – So you have a headline, either you came up with it or you used a headline generator. It is good to test your headline and get a score for it. If needs improved, you should improve it. A Headline Analyzer:


Advertising Tips by Herculist